Monday, November 28, 2011

What happened..?

Somebody set us up the bomb, and this time it was 1and1, our hosting provider!

Saturday between 13:46 and 14:01 GMT, almost all of InterN0T was shut down, except for one of the servers that hosted e.g., After calling 1and1 "Technical Support", the reason for closing the accounts and shutting down the servers, was revealed to me. It was because of a "security issue" flag set by the 1and1 Security Department.

They also informed me, that this department sent me an e-mail when it happened, where I of course informed them that I couldn't read any of my e-mails as those were frozen / suspended too. So I waited, until Monday after experiencing other horrible and unrelated events.

When it was almost the end of the day at my job, I decided to give 1and1 a call, and shortly thereafter I was talking with the security department. Let's call the person I talked with Eric.
Eric: "Sir, may I take your customer number please?"
Me: "Sure, it's [redacted]".

Eric: "For verification purposes, what is your first and last name please."
Me: "It's [redacted] [redacted]".

Eric: "Hold on for one sec."
Me: "Sure."

Eric: "Sir, your account has been terminated."
Me: "What!?! What's the reason???"

Eric: "Hold on for one sec."
Me: "Okay."

Eric: "Sir, you hosted content that could be used to hack."
Me: "Yes for ethical purposes only!"

Eric: "Sir, you hosted content that could be used to hack. Your account has been terminated."
Me: "I can't believe this.. I've been hosting this type of content for 5 years on your servers, and NOW you decide to close my accounts?"

Eric: "Sir, your account has been terminated."
Me: " *Sigh* Is it possible you can provide me with a backup of my files then?"

Eric: "Hold on for one sec."
Me: "Okay."

Eric: "Sir, we're unable to provide you with that. Your account has been terminated."
Me: "Okay.. Well.. I know it doesn't help yelling, as you're just a helpdesk agent any way... Have a good day."

* End of phone conversation *

At this point, I was in shock. Literally, I couldn't believe what just happened. This wasn't meant to happen, not now, not when I've just experienced a lot of other bad things. After thinking for a while, as it took at least 20 minutes (or so it felt like), to write the announcement on Twitter, I felt "beaten".

I decided to walk home, and take it easy, while reflecting over life. The community is still alive, and kicking at #intern0t , and yes, we will, survive.

~ MaXe


  1. We will survive!!!

    Thanks to all your efforts MaXe, the comunity will wait to see InterN0t again...


  2. I wouldn't say it's gone just yet... Google keeps a cache of everything.

    Email me and maybe I could help ya.

  3. true, you could probably get back ~99% of the static pages via /

    btw, wonder what it would take to shut down 1and1 for a while..

  4. MaXe, it's connection. Hit me up and I'll see about getting you hosted at HostDime. They host HackTalk and know what it is and at least have the common courtesy to allow you to get a backup even if they for some reason terminate your account

  5. life will go on MaXe. we can grab the caches from google most likely. this community will not fall from a simple termination :)

  6. There is one way for get back -

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  8. Yeah it usually happens if theres php shell or dos shell uploaded on ur site, well u might be not aware but still sometimes this Hosting providers giggle for security reasons and suspend/freeze accounts.
    but still there are many things they would have carried out like intimating or notifying, they can also keep php safemode running on server, so shells won't effect the server.. hummm

    Hosting providers get lil paranoid when it comes to security :D


  9. Indeed, I am so sorry your name .. intern0t really very nice .. a Forumdu Why did not understand such a whore ..

  10. Thanks to all your efforts MaXe, the comunity will wait to see InterN0t again

  11. 1and1 are a bunch of loosers, they have no idea about security and shoul;d be shut down them selves. We don't have any rights in this country any more. Only people with truck loads of cash have rights and the means to fight @ssholes like these. Customer support is just taught to repat them selves with one liners until you get frustrated and hang up i guess. what has this country come to?? You need sa lawyer because obviously you'de win and get double back : )